Our program hits the sweet spot, it's...

  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Mind blowing

For the last 5 years our coaches have been building a brand. This brand highlights the importance of health and fitness in our lives. 

Our target markets are:

  • Fitness students (certificates/diplomas/university students)
  • Schools
  • Our youth

Our holistic training program engages clients from both a physical (fitness training) and mindset (mentoring) focus delivering life changing results.     

Over the last 5 years we have developed a fitness training system and experience that works, a system we are now sharing with students, teachers and aspiring individuals!

The ASG Program is a 90 minute experience incorporating:

  • 30 minutes of mindset activities, and
  • 60 minutes of physical activities


Ask yourself the most fundamental question "What is my why?"

Our ASG Program is designed to engage participants in exploring their WHY by taking full responsibility of their health and fitness. 

We truly believe anything is possible.

When & Where?

Option 1:  We come to you, happily.

Option 2:  Come to our Training Centre in Burleigh Heads.

Our primary purpose is to inspire the Young Generation in developing their individual capabilities, and in doing so, build their confidence for life.