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Bodi Allegiance 'BA' is passionate about, and dedicated to providing people of all ages with a new perspective on
health and fitness.

BA has been developing its particular brand of affordable personal development and group based training over the last 3 years. Our programs are all based on the fundamentals of active living, specifically tailored to engage anyone and everyone. Our mission is to build A Stronger Generation.

We design and deliver programs that are not only fun, but also motivate students to be more active in every area of their lives, teachers to be actively involved with the students in a unique, relationship enhancing environment and also young adults through to older adults growing their knowledge base and delivering a new age in personal training and group dynamics. We gently break down barriers of communication, promote physical agility and enhance mental strength through advanced, internationally recognised training techniques like ZUU and ANKORR, SFX and all the favourites!

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Program Developer

Graziano Mele
Gold Coast
+61 429 025 691

Head Trainer

Zen Mele
Gold Coast
+61 401 350 399

APD Dietitian

Suraya Nikwan
Greenslopes Private Hospital, Brisbane
+61 404 434 895