Founded in 2013, BA was established as a community initiative, evolving into a movement towards a healthier generation. Our programs focus on developing a comfortable, safe and fun environment for all ages to achieve their fitness goals. We endeavour to raise awareness and educate younger generations through to older adults in health and fitness through our uniquely crafted training sessions.

bodi allegiance is managed by graziano mele behind the scenes and zen mele front of house with the aspiration to show our generations what opportunities are available to them, and the capabilities they hold in their hands. our programs are run by an all young, highly motivated and qualified team of individuals. those who are a part of the team share one, very large dream; to inspire health and fitness.

like all dreams and goals, bodi allegiance is motivated by a story of tragedy, love and inspiration. on september 11, 2013, bronwyn louise mele passed away after a two and half year contracted battle with cancer. bronwyn was a game changer. founder zen mele pursues his dreams in her honour.